1300 Drain Clear are Melbourne’s specialists when it comes  delivering top quality and effective drain clearing services for all types of properties. There is no need to panic with us around, as we are have the reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and dedicated company. Need to know why we are so well liked in Melbourne? Have a read below:

Professional Service

We come to your house when you need and the time you ask for. We believe in punctuality, so there is no need to worry with us around. Our service is targeted, effective and will end with the perfect result. We use only the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that we can deliver on all your requirements. We base our reputation on the success of our clients and once you experience our service, you’ll understand why we are so highly recommended.

Honest Operators & Team

We pride ourselves on our customer service. When you speak to us, you will be speaking to a team of honest and friendly operators. There is no misleading with us. There are no surprises. We are only here to help you with your drain problems; giving you the solutions you need.

A decade of knowledge

For the last 10 years we have been helping Melbourne homes with all their drain clearing problems. Throughout this time, we have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to handling all types of blockages. With all this experience in our hands, you know that regardless of the challenges we could face, we will meet it with perfection.

Affordable Prices

No home should suffer with drain problems. That is why we have made our prices for our services affordable and fair so that everyone in Melbourne can obtain them. Before we arrive, we will provide you with price up front, so you know where your money is going. That is how honest and fair with our services and prices.