When You Need To Call Us For A Blockage

1300 Drain Clear are the experts that you can trust when it comes to delivering the perfect drain clearing for your Melbourne home. We have always believed that you should be able to get the service you need so that your home is secure and not threatened from a blocked drain. Of course you might not know if you need a check-up from us.

This is one of the biggest problems with people: they don’t know what is exactly blocking their drains. They are lost and confused about when they should contact us. But that is why we are the experts that Melbourne trust – we want to help you with your blocked drains. So this is why we are telling you the times you should be calling us in:

  • Your drains are constantly and consistently (over a short period of time) overflowing with water.

  • Your drains are not letting any water could through.

  • You constantly hear a gurgling or rattling sound coming from your pipes and drain system.

  • There is no water coming through your pipes.

  • There is a strong smell coming from your drains. The odour is quite pungent and quite noticeable.

If you are noticing any of these issues when it comes to your drains, then there is a high chance that your drains could be blocked. At this point, you should reach out and contact our team of professional to conduct an inspection to ensure if your drains are blocked. We are happy to get the process started to remove the blockage or to relax your nerves to ensure that there are no blockages.  So if you are looking to get your drains or pipes cleared, contact 1300 Drain Clear today. We are ready to help you when you need the most.