What kind of equipment can you expect from us?

1300 Drain Clear are the experts that Melbourne homes can rely on when it comes to handling all sorts of drain clearing and block problems. We are the specialists that have all the hands-on experience and wealthy knowledge to deliver on all the requirements and requests of our Melbourne clients.

Part of our successful reputation is our commitment to using the latest equipment and technology to ensure that we can deliver on all the needs of our clients. With these pieces of equipment, we will be able to inspect, locate and eliminate all types of blockages that your home or property is facing. At all times, our Drain Clear vans are carrying our latest equipment, we are ready to handle all cases.

Our list of advanced drain clearing equipment includes: 

  • Sewer and Mini-Sewer Machines:
    These machines are designed to tree roots and debris that block drains and return them back to normal.

  • CCTV Inspection Cameras:
    With these advanced devices, we will be able to search through your drains to find out where the blockage has happened, and what is blocking it. This includes monitors and DVD recorders so we have complete control of what we are seeing.

  • Location Devices:
    This advanced piece of equipment can help us locate the blockage from above ground. This helps quicken the process, as well as providing us with an exact depth of our deep the problem is. From here, we can progress to eliminating the blockage.

  • High Pressure Water Jets:
    With a 5000psi pressure system, we will be able to blast away and remove all blockages in your pipes. Such is the pressure that we can clear away all types of materials and blockages. We have an array of sizes to ensure that all the pipes can be entered.

With these pieces of equipment, we can handle and sort out all types of blockages. To experience the best, contact 1300 Drain Clear today.