Many people in Melbourne face drain blockages in their home or office. These blockages need to be paid attention to as soon as you discover them. If not attended on time, they can cause serious problems and cost a lot. Drain blockages can be cleaned using a number of ways.

A clogged drain can cause havoc in your home. Junk in the drain pipes is the main cause of residential and commercial blockages. One of the most popular, effective and common ways to clean blockages is through high pressure water cleaning. The process of high pressure water jetting has been around for many years. In this process, water is propelled at high speed to clean drains. By focusing the stream of water, all types of debris such as, grease, garden waste, soaps and hair can be removed.

Water when released with pressure is extremely powerful. For slow moving drains, it is a quick, effective and environmentally sound method to provide a long lasting result. In this method, a continuous blast of high pressure water passes through a hose which is pushed down a drain line. It is the best way to clean debris build up over a long period of time. This method uses a sewer Jetter, which is a long, flexible and high pressure hose with a jet nozzle on one end. High pressure water cleaning is able to cut through, mud, sand, fat, oil, grease and heavy roots.

Benefits of High Pressure Water Cleaning

High pressure water cleaning has many benefits for homeowners in Melbourne:

  • Removes any Clog– The intense force of water is enough to remove any type of clog from the drains. It can even break most adamant of blockages which drain snakes can have a problem with.
  • Safe– This method is very safe and will not damage your pipe, unlike chemical cleaners. Chemicals can cause harm to your drain pipes. This method is also environmentally friendly because of no chemicals.
  • Long-lasting and Cost Effective– This method helps in preventing future problems in your drain. The high pressure cleaning makes it difficult for debris to accumulate again. This method is also cost effective as compared to other types of methods.

High pressure water cleaning also washes away contaminants in the pipe, leaving it clean. It scrubs the full diameter of the pipe and washes away all the debris. You can easily find a good professional in Melbourne who can apply this process to clean your pipes and prevent future blockages.