What all can block your drain?

Many homeowners throughout Melbourne always what exactly could be blocking their drains in their homes. 1300 Drain Clear are the experts with over 10 years, and we are telling you, we have seen it all. Regardless of what is blocking your drains and pipes, it is imperative that you get the drains cleared immediately.

Thanks to our experience and the latest equipment in our possession, we will be able to safely and securely remove all types of blockages from your drains and pipes. Some types of blockages might require a different approach – in terms of the power of the water pressure – but many should be easily removed with our advanced technology.

So what are the types of blockages that your drains could face? We have a list of the most common, as well as the most peculiar blockages that you could face.

  • Tree Roots

  • Tree Branches

  • Leaves

  • Rocks and Pebbles

  • Sand

  • Mud

  • Slurry

  • Paper Solids

  • Plastics

  • Flowers and Plants

  • Grease

  • Foreign Objects

  • Including full materials, such as toys, tools and so forth.

These blockages can happen for a number of reasons, including the likes of storms and heavy rain. Sometimes they just pile up over time and they end up flooding into the drains, causing blockages. It is imperative that when blockages happen, you seek to clear the way, or the water could end up flooding out, causing damage to your home.  So if you are looking to get your drains or pipes cleared, contact 1300 Drain Clear today. We are ready to help you when you need the most.