High Pressure Water Cleaning

Experts in High Pressure Water Cleaning in Melbourne

Our plumbers have been focused on faster and more efficient drain cleaning for some time, being one of the first companies in Melbourne to use high pressure water cleaning jets when unblocking drain systems. The high pressure jet uses 5000 psi water pressure to blast and cleans away tree roots, sanitary materials, slurry, rock, fat, soil, mud, sand and any foreign material from within the drain.The water blasts at speed high enough to effectively scour the pipe walls, remove the grease, sludge and scale.

Cleaning Using High Pressure Water Jet Equipment

When it comes to providing a high quality and affordable high pressure water cleaning service in Melbourne, 1300 Drain Clear is for you. We have always been the number one service that people come to when they are looking for high pressure cleaning that clears away all the rubbish and muck that blocks their drains. So if you are looking to experience the best in Melbourne, then reach out and speak to our team today.

Jet Fitted To Solve Your Blocked Drain Problems

We have an array of jet fittings designed for cleaning in all types of pipe sizes and conditions. Each jet blaster will flush debris and clear all your pipes completely and in a time-efficient manner. Our high pressure water jets guarantee blockage removal and are the latest in high-quality plumbing equipment.

What Can We Do For You?

Our high pressure water cleaning service can be completed on the day or through appointments. We work on the principle that blocked drains are emergencies and when they need to be cleared, it should be completed as soon as possible! We can clear any drain throughout the home, including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and even other sections. We are fully equipped and ready to start when you need us, with our plumbers having years of experience to manage and handle all types of blocked drains.

Available To Clear Drains All Over Melbourne & Victoria

We are located in Gladstone Park, but that doesn’t mean we don’t service the whole of Melbourne and Victoria. We are committed to our high pressure water cleaning service and that is why we are making it available throughout Melbourne and Victoria. It doesn’t matter where you live, we will be there to help you when you need it.

Why Contact 1300 Drain Clear?

You might be thinking, why should I contact 1300 Drain Clear for high pressure water cleaning? We have the reasons for you:

  • Over 10 years of drain cleaning experience

  • Affordable and cost-effective service

  • Effective and efficient service

  • Professional and focused plumbers

  • Latest high pressure water cleaning technology and equipment

  • Able to service all properties

  • Able to service all of Melbourne and Victoria

To get your drains cleaned effectively and efficiently with high pressure cleaning services, contact the experts at 1300 Drain Clear on 1300 372 462 or email us at admin@1300drainclear.com.au.