1300 Drain Clear use the latest in drain cleaning, clearing, inspecting, and locating equipment, including:

High Pressure Water Jet

The high pressure water jet uses 5000 psi water pressure to blast and clean out tree roots, sanitary materials, slurry, rock, fat, soil and foreign material from within the drain. We have an array of jet fittings designed for cleaning all types of pipe sizes and conditions, scouring the pipe walls to remove grease, sludge and scale.

Sewer Machine and Mini Sewer Machine

Our sewer machines and mini sewer machines are able to cut out all tree roots and debris, returning the pipe back to its original diameter and allowing the drain to function correctly again. We have many different sized cutter and auger attachments specially designed to fit various pipe sizes.

Seesnake CCTV drain inspection camera

The CCTV camera provides a detailed drain inspection in full colour and high definition. All footage is recorded to DVD for the customer to keep with a summarised report of the surveyed drain. The operator is also able to view the camera footage in real time on the monitor.

Using our signal emitting locating devices when a problem area is found within the drain the operator is able to pinpoint and mark the exact location and depth of the pipe for repair.