Drain clear myths that need to be busted

When we have a clogged drain we all want the easiest and the best way to unclog it without spending a small fortune on a plumber, right? Well, the truth is some of those good ole fashioned drain clearing ideas can cause more harm than good and should be avoided at all costs. The problem is trying to figure out which of these drain clearing myths are good and which are…well…myths. The last thing you want to do is try different ideas and end up having a major issue replace your minor issue, so we have put together this list of a few of the most common drain clearing myths that need to be busted.

Drain clear myths

Lemons make everything fresh –

well this may be true to some extent it won’t work with your garbage disposal or drains, in fact using lemons (which are highly acidic) in your drains can actually cause damage to your pipes. When you are looking for a good cleaner for your garbage disposal, try an ice cube.

I can put anything down my drain with running water –

Red flag is thrown out in the field for this one, while you can put the majority of things down your garbage disposal there are some things that should be completely avoided. Things like pasta, rice, coffee grounds, as well as food with thick skins such as pumpkins and bananas should be avoided, but remember things like bacon grease should also be avoided.

I can do my own drain cleaning –

there are some things that are better left to the professionals and drain cleaning is one of them. While there may be machines and other equipment you can rent in order to clean your drains the experience won’t be the same as the professionals. Not only will the professionals clean your drains but they will also be inspecting your drains to ensure everything is functioning as it should be.

All drains connect to one –

not all drains are connected while they all might lead out of the house and into the main community drain pipe each drain pipe in your home has its own pipes and avenues to flow through, so while you clear one drain that doesn’t necessarily mean all your drains are going to be cleared.

I only need a plumber when I have a problem –

this is false as well and very well could cost you in the long run. When you do not perform routine inspection, maintenance, and cleaning on your pipes and drains can help avoid major issues by alerting you early to any issues or blockages.