Advanced Guide To Drain Clearing

Keeping your drains free of debris is the best way to ensure that they serve you well for many years. Clogged drains have many disadvantages including harbouring vermin and germs, affecting your ability to perform household tasks that require water and even eating into your funds if extensive repairs are required. However, you can avoid all these eventualities by ensuring that you clear out your drains on a regular basis. Below is an advanced guide to keeping your drains clear and ensuring that they work optimally:

Home cleaning solutions

Make use of items around your home to clear and clean drains. Various items in the home provide efficient cleaning at little to no cost. Use items like plungers to remove items that may be blocking your drain or to facilitate the flow of air if the blockage is caused by an air lock. Soda water and vinegar help to dissolve debris that may be blocking your drain while boiling water will melt any fat or grease that may be clogging pipes. Other useful cleaning items available in the home include borax, lemon juice and salt.

Drain snakes

A drain snake is an appliance that uses a long cable to allow you to access hard to reach areas. Inserting the cable into the drain and turning it several times will dislodge debris and break down solid matter that may be clogging your drain. You can then flush water down the drain to clear the debris.

Liquid drain cleaners

This type of drain cleaner utilises the power of chemicals to a breakdown of debris and flushes it away using water. If you decide to use this option, ensure that you pick mild chemicals that will not corrode your pipes or have any adverse effect on the rest of your drainage system.

Call in a plumber

If you feel that your drainage problem has gotten out of hand, it might be best to enlist the help of a professional. A qualified and experienced plumber will be able to diagnose the problem correctly, determine what is clogging your drains and come up with an effective solution to the problem. Avoid waiting until the last minute in order to call a plumber however as the damage incurred by then may result in a hefty repair bill.

Clearing your drains is the most effective way to keep them in good working order. Consistent cleaning and maintenance will keep your drainage system in tip top condition and ensure that it serves you well for many years to come.