All households have faced this big problem: your drains are blocked, and water is coming back up the other way. It’s an unnecessary drama to have, one that is a pain in the butt. But that doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. If you are finding that your drains are blocked (check this blog post on clear signs that you have major blocked drain issues), and you want to sort out the problem as soon as possible, then follow these four little tricks! 

Hot Water Could Work 

Sometimes all you need is a little hot water. There could be something cold or mucky down the pipes that requires some boiling hot water to melt away and push down. When this is the case, boil up some hot water in your kettle and pour it down the drain. Try it a few times to see what happens. If the water comes bubbling back up, then keep reading for additional options. 

Use Tools You Already Have

Before you rush off to the local Bunnings, take your time and see if you have the right tools in your home. The easier and still most useful tool that helps with blocked drains is the plunger. It can be the perfect solution for clearing out all types of pipes. Give your plunger a few tries to see if you are able to move what is blocking your pipes. Most of the time it will work and work well. If you are looking for something that little bit special, then look for specialised plungers, which feature optimised designs ideal for individual drains. 

Homemade Liquids 

Alright, so the hot water didn’t work. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work with any of your household liquids. The most common mixtures that you can use at home are vinegar and baking soda. Now, you can either use them separately or together. The process and method are still the same: put some of them down your drain, followed by some boiling hot water. This will break down loose materials within pipes and have no effects on the structure of the drains. (We do advise against mixing chemicals together in the effort to clear blockages. All read the labels on bottles and follow safety instructions accordingly) 

Calling A Professional

So, you’ve tried all the best DIY methods, and nothing has worked. Don’t panic. The next step is to contact a drain clearing professional that can help you with everything you need. They have all the equipment and advanced technology to go deep into your pipe system to see what is causing the blockage and prevent it from happening again. If you are struggling to get your drains cleared, call an expert to get that extra hand. 

We hope that these tricks will be able to help you with your blocked drain. If you are still struggling and are looking to call a professional, then give 1300 Drain Clear a call! We’re Melbourne’s most reliable and best team when it comes to clearing out drains for people! Speak to one of our experts today